Get into the Groove



While in Paris I entered what I would call the most beautiful of boutiques. Why was it so beautiful?
It was in a city that I frequent the most, it was filled with objects that I couldn’t stop touching, and it was designed so well that at times, I just stood still in silence and awe. I was so excited to be in this place that my heart was pounding double beats. I can remember it still. You will see in the coming weeks so much of what I photographed there because one or two posts just won’t do.
La responsable of this boutique liked my photos so much that she licensed a number of them and they will soon be advertised on their website. Hold on, I’m getting to it.
I look at the photographs now and it’s really providing me lessons on texture, color, and construction. I first wanted to know what these were made out of, what were their origin, how were they dyed, but most of all, what made someone want to create such amazing skirts? What was their inspiration? These are skirts ladies and gentleman but first and foremost they were thoughts!

I photographed these at Caravane

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2 Comments on “Get into the Groove”

  1. sdg1844 Says:

    I especially love the skirts in the 1st photo. The detail is amazing. You don’t see clothing made like that very often.

  2. sunny Says:

    I love the second photo. Beautiful!!!

    New to your blog…(through Emma’s blog)… and it’s going to be a new favorite of mine, I can tell!!

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