Thanks for giving



I do enjoy a gathering of fabric. That assemblage could form a color theme, it could introduce a new style of decorating, the list goes on.
Some people like to gather their favorite family photographs along a staircase or a lovely piano that’s been in the family for years. I know that I like to display my scarves a certain way because sometimes I do like to catch a glimpse of them draped over a wooden chair or even a doorknob as I’m walking around my space.

Why tuck them away until further use? Do you group certain things together? What does your collection of things mean to you?

Look at this fabric, these rugs and tell me you’d want to see them in a closet, a console or in an attic.

No, I didn’t think so.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone and thank YOU for giving me encouraging and inspirational feedback about this new beginning and direction.

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2 Comments on “Thanks for giving”

  1. Cate Says:

    Congrads on expanding your horizons and talent. Good luck with the design line.
    Like the lampshades in your first poast. I am partial to a good lamp.


  2. ExpatJane Says:

    Actually, what’s interesting is I do that with my scarves. I have a two bedroom apartment here in Seoul, and one bedroom is pretty much this huge walk-in closet (as you know, closets are almost non-existent in housing units here, so it’s armories, shelves and whatever else to hang things on and organize with.)

    My scarves I had on the end of a rack where I keep my heavy winter jackets and coats. I actually need to see them or I’ll literally forget that I have them, out of sight out of mind with me ’cause I just have way too much stuff. So the blends of color and texture are nice to see when I walk in daily to figure out what I’ll wear. I tend towards colors or textures when I buy a scarf.

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