There was a time in my life when I didn’t carry a purse or a bag or a tote, but having lived in Paris during the winter time taught me that no matter if the sun is shining, you must always carry an umbrella, a gorgeous scarf…you get the picture. You’ll need a tote. I like totes more and more everyday but love my tote to be interesting, not for the masses, but for MOI. These portes de monnaie and tote are made from weathered signs and have been given new life here as bright and beautiful necessary things. They remind me of Africa in a strange way, very bold, vibrant and alluring.

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3 Comments on “Transformed”

  1. sdg1844 Says:

    I like them. I’m a big tote person myself. Can’t imagine my life without them. These are alot of fun and make me smile.

  2. fleurfabrics Says:

    I wondered if these totes where African..then I read your comment, and it echoed in my head!

  3. Get Togetha Says:

    Those bags are a beauty!

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