Thank you, Emma!



A huge thanks to Emma Fexeus of Emma’s Design Blogg for featuring me on her incredible blog.
During breakfast I like to learn something, be inspired. I always go to Emma’s blog to learn about interior design, photography, styling, the list goes on. I’ve discovered the interior stylist of these photographs: Stella Nicolaisen thanks to Ms. Fexeus.

Emma’s blog is is pure eye candy and real food for the creative soul.
You’ll be hooked.

Happy Monday!

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3 Comments on “Thank you, Emma!”

  1. emma Says:

    Thank you so much for your post and your sweet words Felicia!

  2. Vineeta Says:

    I stumbled on Emmas blog from someplace else & imagine my joy when I saw that she has featured you! I just love the new posts I see here. This is so kickass I am linking you immediately.
    And yes Emmas blog is a super dose of Eyecandy! I’m linking her as well 🙂

  3. thistimenow Says:

    You rock, Vineeta and thank you!
    Emma’s blog is so fresh it just makes me want to hurry up and get a home of my own and I’m going to accomplish this soon! Who knows, it may be in your native India!

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