Happy New Year Indeed! Paris, all my love!



Happy New Year to Everyone!
I wish you all the very best: great health, that you choose to be happy and prosperity.
I spent five days in Paris thanks to My Love and brought in the New Year in the city where I feel most at home, and always in love.
I cannot even tell you all that happened in the past five days but know that my life has drastically changed once again and I’m elated and grateful to God for this change.
We had a great party with lots of great champagne (Champagne Pommery Cuvée Louise!), delicious oysters and the evening was made better with the laughter and kindness of really great people. 

I am happy and thankful for every smile, every kiss, hug and kind word that was given me on this special trip. 

Happy New Year Indeed!

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4 Comments on “Happy New Year Indeed! Paris, all my love!”

  1. josephine Says:

    happy new year to you too! you are living my dream, girl, and from reading your sincere words of gratitude, it seems like all of it couldn’t happen to a more deserving person. apparently paris has a love affair with you, too! i’m wishing you continued joy throughout the year.

  2. sdg Says:

    Happy New Year! Blessings are wonderful indeed aren’t they?

  3. geotraveler Says:

    A love affair with Paris indeed!
    Happy New Year to you lady and wishing you all your heart’s desires

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