The City of Lights!


available at Caravane, Paris, France

available at Caravane, Paris, France



 I speak with mon amour tous les jours and I must say, the light has returned in full force and with that I announce that…I’m back! Ha!
During my recent trip to Paris, I noticed great light fixtures in almost every favorite store of mine. You see, if you haven’t experienced Paris already, you’re in for a real treat when you get there. Every boutique has a style, an ambiance and the central figure in any store are not the articles that inhabit the store, but the lighting. Entering a boutique or any space that has great light, well that puts me in the mood to take my time to not only buy, but to feel, learn, and explore.

The great thing about the French is that they know that they aren’t doing anyone any favors by hiding their light under bushels. Shine so brightly, les français!

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One Comment on “The City of Lights!”

  1. SDG Says:

    I love the ones in the middle. I’ll be traveling to Paris in October of this year. I’m looking forward to the trip. I love lighting and fixtures.

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