Vintage Shopping in Paris

image from Sweetsassafras blog

image from Sweetsassafras blog

image from Sweetsassafras blog

image from Sweetsassafras blog

Today would’ve been the perfect day to go browsing in The St. Ouen Flea Market in northern Paris. I’m still in Paris folks even though my body is here in Virginia.
Toutes mes excuses. Ha!

I found these wonderful images on a new website that I love: Sweetsassafras. Scroll down a little on the page and you’ll see the post about the market.

I remember strolling here by myself one afternoon and was amazed at the quality and sheer beauty of the items. My absolute favorite flea market, I will keep a secret. I don’t go to “my market” because I tend to hear editors and asst. editors of speaking about the trends that they will feature in next month’s issue of their rag, I go there because of the feeling. Oh! The fact that a group of older French gentleman sellers invited me to share their great white wine and charcuterie have something to do with it as well.

Do you have flea markets where you live?

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2 Comments on “Vintage Shopping in Paris”

  1. Sadia Says:

    I must say, it’d be amazing to have a This Time Now Guide to Paris to refer to…


  2. thistimenow Says:

    Thank you so much! You’ve really put a great idea and possibility in my head. Merci!
    I hope to incorporate video posts when I hit Paris. Thank you!

    Felicia, This Time Now

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