A bike runs through it





The first item that I must purchase when I move back home to Paris is un velo!

I first experienced Velib this past summer and the feeling of the warm, summer wind against my skin has never left me. Seriously, it was as if I was 10 years old again following my brother and his buddies all over our neighborhood on our ten-speed bikes, no cares in the world! I was going to buy my dream bike ( The Amsterdam)) a few months ago, but thought I’d better save that cash for a rainy day, a wise decision.

There’s a great blog that I obsess over from time to time: Copenhagen Style Chic. I love the photography and of course the lovely bikers of Copenhagen. The photographer manages to shoot at just the right moment.
I want to ride my bike as much as possible when I get back, it’s better than the metro, the bus and especially better than a taxi. Just you, your two healthy legs (Thank you, God!) and YOUR city.

Do you own a bike? Do you always wear a helmet? ( I didn’t in Paris). When you visit foreign cities do you ever rent a bike? From now on, when I visit a new city, in addition to walking, I’ll roll on two wheels, you know, ” a bike runs through it” style.

All photos are from Copenhagen Cycle Chic.

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6 Comments on “A bike runs through it”

  1. Sadia Says:

    I just recently returned from Japan, where my favorite activity was exploring the nooks and crannies of Kyoto on my two wheels. I have a bike here in the States, but it simply isn’t the same.

    I’m off to Liberia in a month, for a few weeks; your post makes me think I should maybe find a folding bike and tote it over (maybe prohibitively expensive)? Or have my dad hunt one down for me before I get there?

    Can’t get enough of your blog!

  2. SDG Says:

    These photos are delightful. There’s something about women dressed fabulously riding bikes, that makes me smile. You know, I’ve never learned to ride a bike. I’m missing out.

  3. thistimenow Says:

    Japan! If I weren’t on my way to Paris, I was thinking of working in Japan. I was seriously not wanting to teach English again, but sometimes teaching is a stepping stone to something else. Who knows?
    Please share more on your lovely blog about your time in Japan, pretty please?
    Definitely get your dad to find one for you, the less hassle for you the better.

    Love your blog too!

    Ciao Bella!

  4. thistimenow Says:

    Yes, there’s such a sweet sensation riding a bike in your favorite dress! Men behind the wheel of their motor vehicles love it as well. Ha!
    Please learn how to ride a bike. It’s never too late and you’ll love it!

    Ciao Bella!

  5. I think looking chic on a bike may be something, like berets, that only European women can pull off… I have never seen a New Yorker rocking a bike in heels!

  6. thistimenow Says:

    @Designer’s Brew,

    New Yorkers like having a pulse that’s why you don’t see a lot of women on bikes there. I lived there for a year and there’s no way in Hades I’d ride a bike in that city. The only reason why European seem chic is that they wear what they love with confidence whereas a lot of American women pay way too much attention to designer labels, trends, etc.

    Have a good weekend!

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