Blood Orange



Location: Seoul, South Korea

Place: Life is Suddenly, café.

This color just makes me happy and more than that, it makes me pay attention.

Wishing that I could have a little coffee and chat with the owner of this cafe again.  

Have a great weekend!

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3 Comments on “Blood Orange”

  1. SDG Says:

    You have a good one as well. That color is mah-ve-lous.

  2. jinyoung, Says:

    i know this place,

    i hear today you no longer live in seoul,
    um… miss you.
    i think you come back here in april as you say that and i was waiting to meet you.. hehe.
    by the way, i hope your paris life will be nice, wonderful!
    take care,


  3. imsomething Says:

    I know this café.:P Buam-dong in Seoul.

    Life is suddenly!!
    Character is Destiny!!

    Haha~ I like here.

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