Ten Things that make me Happy: Number One


Since Domino magazine is no more and the opportunity to be featured in their magazine has passed me by, I will share with you parts of my list that the folks at Domino requested of me. It was exciting and a bit frustrating to pinpoint “things” that make me happy because it’s usually not things that make me happy but places, people, sights and smells. Let’s not even get started on food, this will come later. First on my list: Cire Trudon candles.

“I’d rather light a candle than curse the dark” I just came acrosss this quote yesterday and it truly moves me. It’s the way that I live my life, what I believe in wholeheartedly, but speaking of candles…

My Cire Trudon candle makes me very happy! It makes me shimmy and shake! Ha! If you do not know this company please walk to your nearest Barney’s or wherever else that they are sold and invest in one. Yes, invest, they are not cheap, but what price happiness?
In July I decided to visit friends and family in Paris and came across a wonderful and mysterious shop that not only featured the latest designers but exquisite candles as well. I knew that I’d discovered a great find.

While uncovering large glass covers to smell each one, one particular candle, its scent, made me thank God for being alive. It was heavenly and just for me. I couldn’t stop smelling Abd el Kader, inspired by the man who is recognized as the first hero of Algerian Independance. Spearmint, apple, clove and jasmine are some of its notes.

It’s pure happiness and one of the best purchases I’ve made in years.

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