“The Desserts of Life!” so said by Anson B.

Tonight, my fabulous friend, Anson sounded as if he was going to meet his maker when he passionately spoke about his favorite desert: Fondant au chocolat. It’s sinful (which makes it irrisistable!) and every time eat it, I swear I feel such a wave of happiness that I just have to have a moment by myself to take it all in.

My favorite dessert is la Tarte Tatin. I have a thing for apples, butter, caramel and dough. Yes, Lord!!!
It’s easy to prepare and there’s just something comforting to me about apples baking, all the juices bubbling, the completely saturated buttery crust…I need a moment. Ha! (fanning myself)

Try these at home. I know, I know, both chefs speak French but we all need to learn something new everyday, non?
You can do it!

Bon weekend!

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3 Comments on ““The Desserts of Life!” so said by Anson B.”

  1. SDG Says:

    Ah! There’s something about a man in the kitchen making something marvelous that brings back good memories. Namely, my Uncle and French Toast. 2 of my faves ever.

  2. Valerie Says:


  3. josephine Says:

    miam! i love tarte tatin, too.

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