“It’s the city itself…there’s something in the air”

Truer words were never spoken. Ayo really hit the nail on the head when she spoke about Paris. Thank you, Ayo. Vous, vous comprenez.

Listen to Ayo as she speaks about her feelings about New York and Paris. I know, I know, Paris gives me the sweetest hangover and I don’t wanna’ get over..

Haven’t bought anything from Banana Republic for a long time but I love the artists that they currently feature on their website. City Stories is quite wonderful. Check it out.

What are your favorite cities and what do they mean to you?

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8 Comments on ““It’s the city itself…there’s something in the air””

  1. annamatic Says:

    thanks for that link – i probably still won’t end up buying any BR clothes (no need for business casual these days, yay!) but i’m a city chick at heart.

    my favorite cities are diverse and have many dirty layers of stories. NYC where I was born, and on this side of the globe, Bangkok and Tokyo.

    good luck on your newest adventures felicia!! ^_^

  2. josephine Says:

    love these “city stories” series!

    hong kong means crazy hot childhood summers visiting my uncles and cousins on my dad’s side.

    kobe and tokyo, japan means brisk childhood winters visiting my aunt and uncles and grandpa on my mother’s side; eating japanese versions of french pastries; speaking broken spanish to my aunt while everyone around us speaks japanese; the “fashion parade” that greets me when i walk down the street in shibuya.

    paris is the love affair that lasts a lifetime. at each pivotal juncture in my life, it always has something to offer me and gets my heart beating like no place on earth. similar to what ayo said, you can be enormously happy or enormously sad and still feel comfortable in paris.

    amsterdam feels like a glove to me and makes me feel like i’ve found the home i’ve always been looking for.

  3. thistimenow Says:

    Merci, Anna!
    I miss you girly!

  4. thistimenow Says:

    Thank you for sharing parts of your very international childhood with me, you lucky girl you!
    I still want and plan to see more of Asia. Japan and India are high on my lists.
    Have a great day!

  5. SDG Says:

    I was born and raised in NYC. Too bad I didn’t get a chance to meet Ayo. lol. She’s a marvelous artist. It is the place of my birth and I’ve lived there all my life up until 5 years ago.

    It is a place of infinite possibilities. If you can dream it, you can make it happen in NY. It’s one of the many reasons I love it. There is a pace an energy and a spirit that is different than any place else.

    Venice moved me in an incredible way. I can not describe my thoughts and feelings when I first saw the Grand Canal. I was silent and overwhelmed by the fact that it was everything I dreamed it could be.

    The bridges, canals, side streets, history and mystery of that series of islands remains embedded in my mind always. I want to go back soon.

    BR has stumbled upon a wonderful idea and I enjoy the stories and their clothes. 😉

  6. vineeta Says:

    Felicia, What a lovely post!
    The city that makes my heart race & holds me like a baby is Mumbai/Bombay whatever you call it. This is the city where I’ve lived all my life & there’s so much to it interms of inspiration & perspiration & aspiration. But what I love the most about my city is that this is the city that respects a woman most in all of India. You can just do your own thing here & you are completely given an equal opportunity.

  7. thistimenow Says:

    Oh Vineeta!
    It’s been a while and thank you enlightening me about Mumbai.


  8. lee Says:

    my favorite cities:

    1. san francisco
    2. new york
    3. paris
    4. mexico city
    5. beijing

    stockholm too.

    but there is something about new york. when you get out of taxi cab from the airport and step onto the manhattan sidewalk, you know you’re in new york. It makes me chuckle every time and shake my head. You feel this incredible surge of energy and power. not to mention, nowhere else can you get a great italian pizza at 4 am. the city is so alive. i have had 5 great years here…although, my heart belongs in san francisco.


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