“Home is where I want to be…”

I’ve packed my suitcases, ran errands, said “until next time” to my friends and family. I always listen to music the day before a long journey, especially before I journey to Paris. Oh yes, I leave for Paris tomorrow.

This song, by the incredible Talking Heads fills my heart and soul with joy every time that I hear it. It is the song that I want to sing with my child when I hold him or her in my arms as I walk beside my love in the Jardin de Luxembourg on a beautiful Fall day. I want to sing this song with my loved ones and feel my heart expand with each note as love and laughter run through our veins. We will be together and we will be home, where I want to be, where I already am.


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2 Comments on ““Home is where I want to be…””

  1. SDG Says:

    Bon Voyage, Bon Chance and all that wonderful stuff!

  2. josephine Says:

    i’m so happy for you, felicia! have a good flight and can’t wait to hear from you in your new home!

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