This Great Apartment


from Domino magazine, last issue

from Domino magazine, last issue

Domino Magazine had the audacity of hope to publish it’s last great apartment. These are just some of the photographs you’ll see in it’s very last issue. What I like about this apartment is it’s sparseness, how sunlight coats the wooden floors and fills the air with peace and possibility.
I travel a lot…a lot! I now need and want to have that one place where I not only have my things stored but where I actually live, where I am a part of the community. Where, Great Spirit is that special place, filled with just the right amount of light and shade, where I can hear birds singing and where I have the biggest, most heavenly bed imaginable to welcome me after photo shoots from incredible foreign locations?

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3 Comments on “This Great Apartment”

  1. Fly Brother Says:

    Nice crib! Where is it located?

  2. thistimenow Says:

    NYC, and you know this!


  3. lee Says:

    When i looked at this editorial…I told myself, this is how I would live if i had more money to invest in simple key pieces, like a leather loveseat and a noguchi light. also, I’m all for the brown, white & black color palette. so refined


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