“Be where you are”


That little voice that I am beginning to listen to more and more (it’s screaming! Ha!) keeps telling me: “Be where you are”.
Next to photography, traveling and contemplating world dominance, my desire to always be somewhere where I am not is really making me pause and investigate my true feelings. How many times do I search for that perfect loft space in that perfect city in that perfect country on that perfect continent?


I’ve had to rethink some things and realize that there is no perfect place, just perfect circumstances that will enable me to thrive no matter where I am. When I am in Paris, I should just be in Paris, and focus on Paris, this goes for Seoul, Stockholm (here I come!) wherever I happen to be at the moment.

What’s with me and the idea that someplace else will be better than where I am now?
Ever come across this feeling?

A day at the beach did me some good and the company that I kept that day, the best of the BEST!
This day I was happy and grateful to be where I was.

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7 Comments on ““Be where you are””

  1. geotraveler Says:

    Amen to this post!

  2. Fly Brother Says:

    Timely words. BEAUTIFUL photographs.

  3. I just finished reading “The Geography of Bliss” about happiness around the world. It’s a fun read but also makes you think. I totally feel where you are right now and totally torn on what to do or where to go next… (and still waiting to hear from my options).


  4. thistimenow Says:

    Geotraveler- Thank you, you inspire me in so many ways.

    Fly Brother- You and I can talk for hours about this, thank for the compliment, my brother took those photos. He’s supabad!

    Pret a Voyager- I’ve been curious about this book for a long time, I’ll look for it in my local library today. I wish you clarity and joy in all of your decisions both here and abroad.

  5. Valerie Says:

    Your hair looks so lovely, the pictures are fantastic.

  6. Thank you, Valerie!
    Have a great weekend!

  7. Black Travel Says:

    Great post! But I’d have to add a lil something extra to it to be truly happy: “Be where you are…until you get where you’re going…next”.

    Enjoy the moment? Absolutely!
    Stand still? Rarely (smile)

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