Who’s that Lady? Lovely lady…my first glass of Absinthe


 The lady in question is the infamous Green Lady or la fée verte, en français. I’m talking Absinthe ladies and gents. It’s hard to believe that around 1910 absinthe was consumed in far greater quantities than wine, in France, or any other alcoholic beverage. It was once hailed for its curative properties, used by French soldiers to treat malaria especially. It began to be associated with scandal even accused to have caused madness during la Belle Epoque and was even banned in certain countries such as Brazil, Belgium and the U.S. No doubt that the jealousy of winemakers added more fuel to the fire.

Here’s the scoop. Recently as I was hurrying in the Marais (where else?) I was stopped in my tracks by a little green store that lured me in to partake of the beauty, The Green Lady. I follow my desire and taste buds no matter what and was delighted to taste my first glass of absinthe here. It was more than tasting absinthe, I experienced absinthe for the first time and it was amazing really. It reminded me of pernod that I drank in Dusseldorf in my twenties. That tasted like licorice, absinthe has something more to it. Perhaps it’s the combination of sugar that makes it acutally beautiful to drink. Does that make sense?

In any case, the owner of the boutique properly prepared a glass for me, I am so grateful for that. He explained (without over explaining) the history of the drink, it’s properties and simply let me take in his every movement while preparing and then…I took my first sip. I will stop here because you know it is not enough that someone explains things to you, YOU must experience it for yourself.

Ladies and Gentleman when in the Marais, please visit Vert d’Absinthe  rue d’Ormesson in the Marais. You will come back again and again.

One of the videos has the owner talking about Absinthe, his boutique, etc. Its’ the Visit a la Boutique video. Yes, it’s French. Practice! Practice!

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4 Comments on “Who’s that Lady? Lovely lady…my first glass of Absinthe”

  1. StillLife Says:

    Excellent article and SWEET pics. The spoons look awesome. If you are interested in absinthe accessories, try http://www.absintheonthenet.com.

  2. Felicia Says:

    Thank you, I wouldn’t mind making a display of them in my home in the future.


  3. josephine Says:

    i’ve tried absinthe once, but i was already really drunk, so i don’t remember what it tasted it like. i must stop in this store for a memorable absinthe experience.

  4. thistimenow Says:

    Oh you must josephine!
    I had two sips, that lingered long on my tongue and I was hooked.
    70 percent alcohol? Two sips were enough, but I will definitely buy a bottle and listen to some Miles Davis while soaking in a huge tub next time


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