Where in the world?


Where am I? Sitting pretty.

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2 Comments on “Where in the world?”

  1. Natarsha N. Wright Says:

    Hey Lady! I am so excited for you and glad to see God flourishing your gift. I can’t wait to see all he has in store for you. You are doing a phenomenal job. You are growing by leaps and bounds. I know Paris is an amazing experience just like Korea. I wish I could visit you one day to go around Paris to take pics. Be blessed!

    Sister in Christ,

    Natarsha N. Wright
    Fellow SK Alum…lol

  2. thistimenow Says:

    I’m know that I’m late responding to your comment but young lady I want to thank you with all of my heart for writing it. My spirits were and still are greatly lifted and yes, God is Great.
    I know that he is doing mighty things in your life as well. I mean, look at you, your fabulous!


    Felicia, ThisTimeNow

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