Head Games


Always chic!

Always chic!

A queen blending in with her subjects.

A queen blending in with her subjects.



As a child I would part my hair in the middle, tie it either in a bun or two thick pigtails and grab one of my mother’s scarves and play “gypsy queen” or Queen Felicia (not confined to an Eastern European location). I love everything that scarves represent: mystery, versatility, playfulness and warmth.
These looks are a part of outlook on design. Design is everything and everywhere.

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7 Comments on “Head Games”

  1. Jacqueline Says:

    Hell yeah!!!! to the first photo. I love it!!! Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. josephine Says:

    i agree with jacqueline. the first photo is stunning! except for the woman in the 2nd photo, there is something so regal about the way these woman carry off the scarves. almost like saying, “i’m awesome. deal with it.”

  3. thistimenow Says:

    Jacqueline and Josphine, I’m sure that you two rockin’ chicks could pull these looks off and stop traffic while doing it.



  4. I love them all. I love head scarves and these women are beautiful, each in their own style.

  5. Moi Says:

    The first one is absolutely beautiful!

  6. thistimenow Says:

    Hello to you, Moi!
    I do love the first picture as well. She’s so regal, funky and zen all at once.
    Felicia, This Time Now

  7. Jae Young Says:

    That third woman takes my breath away. She has the most amazing profile. I keep coming to stare at her, not going to lie.

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