Know your place!

Desk found Emma's Design blog

Desk found Emma's Design blog

from Ochre in New York

from Ochre in New York

I am in my new and chic apartment in Seoul! Tonight as I was walking home, I had to thank God for such a wonderful apartment. I am truly grateful. For any Westerner who has ever had to look for an apartment in this city, well, I don’t have to tell YOU how difficult and frustrating that can be. For those of you who are contemplating finding that perfect place in this exciting but overpopulated city, snatch that place where you actually see real hardwood floors! You’ve been warned.
I have blond hardwood floors, off-white and new wallpaper (there are some incredibly vivid wallpaper designs in this town, you’ve been warned a second time) and glossy off-white closets with a built-in frigo and freezer. They are hidden. LOVE!!!

Since my place is small and sleek I just want to have clean lines, I want that my skin color and the color of my photographs be the only things that bring strong color to the table. I believe that I am at time in my life where I seek simplicity in just about everything that I encounter. Where is this coming from? I don’t know, but I’m going with it.

I am so focused on living well and wellness that I don’t even want to be distracted by a drinking glass. I bought some glasses that look similar to these courtesy of Ochre in NY and Lord help me to find a desk and chair this quietly bold here in Seoul. Amen.

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4 Comments on “Know your place!”

  1. josephine Says:

    i’d love to live in a place with beautiful hardwood floors.

    hope you’ll take some photos of your new place!

  2. Nicole Says:

    So exciting!! New apartments that are chic and feel like the perfect fit are bliss 🙂 I completely agree about simple and clean lines. Can’t wait to see what decorating ideas you’ll share! Big black and white photos in a white frame are my new favorite ways to create a clean space.

  3. Ibou Says:

    It looks beautiful!

  4. thistimenow Says:

    Hello, Nicole!
    Glad that you stopped by. I don’t know really if I’ll post pictures of my place. I sort of want to be my little hideaway.
    How’s your place coming along?

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