Felicia Shelton, the author


My name is Felicia Shelton and I am a professional photographer and world traveler. This Time Now is my attempt to share what I’ve seen, read or otherwise encountered on my travels both near and far.

I can be contacted for photographic and journalistic work through this email address: felicia369ny@yahoo.com

Thank you and enjoy.


3 Comments on “Felicia Shelton, the author”

  1. Vineeta Says:

    Hey, great new blog! Here’s wishing it a long innings & you a fantastic life, so we get to see more eyecandy here :)!

  2. Ashley Says:


    I was just introduced to your blog by Emma’s Design Blogg and I think it is amazing! I would like to reference your post ‘Transformed’ in my post tomorrow and I am wondering if that is okay….

    Please let me know!

    Thanks! Ashley

  3. urbantravelgirl Says:

    MERCI BEAUCOUP for visiting my blog, UrbanTravelGirl.com, last month! I apologize for taking so long to respond to your post… but I am SO thrilled to have a fellow world traveler like you visiting it! Hope you don’t mind if I add YOUR blog to my roll… and if you’re cool with it, can you please add UrbanTravelGirl to yours under “Travel?”

    Thanks, and have a fabulous day — wherever in the world you are today! Maureen

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