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A thing of beauty – Anna Fabo of Etsy

October 31, 2009


Get into this: Anna Fabo


Eartha Kitt and Aquascutum together again

September 15, 2009

Simply Joyful!

Simply Joyful!

Images from Aquascutum website

Images from Aquascutum website

Anyone who has the intelligence to be inspired and uplifted then and now by Eartha Kitt is worth paying attention to.
I can hardly wait to wear my own trench coat here in the streets of Seoul, complete with headscarves of every hue.
Bravo to Aquascutum and their lovely ad both then and now.

Click here to see the video shot once again in Trafalgar Square.

Wearable, durable art: Shabd

June 9, 2009


I have yet to wear leggings, but these inspire me to do just that.

Here’s the website: Shabd

discovered via: Lena

“Après moi, le déluge”

March 19, 2009

Yes, “after me, the flood”

There’s only one Valentino, no one does what he does, it is impossible.

I wish that I were in New York tonight to see the premier of the highly acclaimed film: Valentino, The Last Emperor”. In this trailer you will hear him say : “I love beauty, it’s not my fault”. Ma foi, I feel the same way, the exact same way. It’s beyond loving a beautiful dress, house or sunset. The beauty I believe that he feels is the beauty of life itself, of being alive in every sense of the word. I will be in New York soon and will view this film with a dear friend/fashion czar or maybe alone. Who knows? What I do know is that I will learn, laugh, appreciate the artistry, the devotion and mastery of the Last Emperor of Fashion: Mr. Valentino Garavani.

Jeans, Trench and Tees, OH MY!

February 23, 2009
Punky P herself

Punky P herself


all three photos found via Punky B

all three photos found via Punky B

Punky B. I said, PUNKY B! 

I’ve been online for weeks looking for the perfect trench, the perfect jeans and of course, the striped tee that will look great under and over everything, no matter what. Punky B happens to be one of the chicest French fashion bloggers around and thanks to her, I found some of the looks that I think will look best on me. I’ve found the jeans, the tee but the trench eludes me. I think, no, I know that its waiting for me in Paris. It’s all about thowing on that trench (with or without clothes underneath) grabbing a decadent tarte aux pommes, making great coffee pour l’homme de ma vie pendant qu’il m’attend au lit.