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Joe Colombo, Elda chair

September 5, 2009


photo of elda chair sketch photographed by Andreas Sutterlin via Designboom

photo of elda chair sketch photographed by Andreas Sutterlin via Designboom

Isn’t wonderful how everyday you have the opportunity to learn something new everyday.
I was in Hongdae last week and had to stop and visit Mr. Kim at the Design Museum. To my luck he was actually in and nothing had actually changed inside my favorite cafe in Seoul, except… There was a new piece of furniture tucked away but coyly on display. I was attracted by the caramel colored leather and the curves, oh the curves!
Joe Colombo was one of Italy’s “most influential furniture product designers”. I will investigate further as I need to take the time to not only shoot interesting design but learn about the designer him or herself. His life was brief, he died at the tender age of 41 but nevertheless made something of his life here. He produced. He made his thoughts and ideas concrete, tangible.
I may be more impressed with his life than with the making of this chair. That’s what it comes down to in the end. The chair, named after his wife, was and still is an unconventional beauty.

Elda Chair sketch found via Designboom


Know your place!

August 26, 2009

Desk found Emma's Design blog

Desk found Emma's Design blog

from Ochre in New York

from Ochre in New York

I am in my new and chic apartment in Seoul! Tonight as I was walking home, I had to thank God for such a wonderful apartment. I am truly grateful. For any Westerner who has ever had to look for an apartment in this city, well, I don’t have to tell YOU how difficult and frustrating that can be. For those of you who are contemplating finding that perfect place in this exciting but overpopulated city, snatch that place where you actually see real hardwood floors! You’ve been warned.
I have blond hardwood floors, off-white and new wallpaper (there are some incredibly vivid wallpaper designs in this town, you’ve been warned a second time) and glossy off-white closets with a built-in frigo and freezer. They are hidden. LOVE!!!

Since my place is small and sleek I just want to have clean lines, I want that my skin color and the color of my photographs be the only things that bring strong color to the table. I believe that I am at time in my life where I seek simplicity in just about everything that I encounter. Where is this coming from? I don’t know, but I’m going with it.

I am so focused on living well and wellness that I don’t even want to be distracted by a drinking glass. I bought some glasses that look similar to these courtesy of Ochre in NY and Lord help me to find a desk and chair this quietly bold here in Seoul. Amen.

Where in the world?

June 16, 2009


Where am I? Sitting pretty.

Monday Bliss: Emily Chalmers

April 19, 2009


I’ve been wanting to feature this stylish book by Emily Chalmers for a long time now. There are no mysteries as to what the book is about but what is new and refreshing is the way the book is presented. I don’t know about you but I find the way she styles her flea market finds a bit edgy and comforting at the same time.

Never one for spending hours at flea markets but this book makes me want to reserve an hour or two in NYC (hint to Jacqueline!) one sunny Sunday afternoon.

Bon Weekend! Happy Happy Joy Joy!!

April 3, 2009


What an incredible day it’s been! I was honored to be in the presence of my family (I’m visiting) this evening to witness my second cousin being inducted in the National Honor Society! My heart was racing with joy, hope, and pride. I’ve known this exceptional young lady since she was in her mommy’s tummy.
What a day!

I feel how Audrey looks in this photo. Now, I sort of like the “tub as sofa”, aptly named Savon by Flavour Design without the faucets of course. What do YOU think?

Enjoy your weekend!

P.S. I’ll keep my promise and give you the city to yesterday’s post.

Vintage Shopping in Paris

January 26, 2009

image from Sweetsassafras blog

image from Sweetsassafras blog

image from Sweetsassafras blog

image from Sweetsassafras blog

Today would’ve been the perfect day to go browsing in The St. Ouen Flea Market in northern Paris. I’m still in Paris folks even though my body is here in Virginia.
Toutes mes excuses. Ha!

I found these wonderful images on a new website that I love: Sweetsassafras. Scroll down a little on the page and you’ll see the post about the market.

I remember strolling here by myself one afternoon and was amazed at the quality and sheer beauty of the items. My absolute favorite flea market, I will keep a secret. I don’t go to “my market” because I tend to hear editors and asst. editors of speaking about the trends that they will feature in next month’s issue of their rag, I go there because of the feeling. Oh! The fact that a group of older French gentleman sellers invited me to share their great white wine and charcuterie have something to do with it as well.

Do you have flea markets where you live?

Early to bed, early to rise

December 20, 2008

It was hard for me to not slip under the covers of these beds!

It was hard for me to not slip under the covers of these beds!


The first thing that I purchase when moving into a new place is a great bed. I’ve slept on lumpy beds, beds to soft and beds much too hard. The longer that I visit my family here in the States, the more I want to go shopping for a new apartment which means shopping for a new and perfect bed, linen sheets, candles… It’s time for me to go to bed now.