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The Future of this Blog

September 25, 2009

As you may or may not know, I am currently living, working and thriving in Seoul, South Korea.
I am the author and photographer of this blog and I feel that I cannot handle two blogs. Well, to be more honest, I do not wish to split myself in two (writing for this one and This Time in Seoul).
I have some important projects that I want to focus on, give all of my spare time and energy to.

I know what I must do but I’ll keep it light this Friday.


Bon Weekend! Happy Happy Joy Joy!!

April 3, 2009


What an incredible day it’s been! I was honored to be in the presence of my family (I’m visiting) this evening to witness my second cousin being inducted in the National Honor Society! My heart was racing with joy, hope, and pride. I’ve known this exceptional young lady since she was in her mommy’s tummy.
What a day!

I feel how Audrey looks in this photo. Now, I sort of like the “tub as sofa”, aptly named Savon by Flavour Design without the faucets of course. What do YOU think?

Enjoy your weekend!

P.S. I’ll keep my promise and give you the city to yesterday’s post.

“Be where you are”

March 30, 2009


That little voice that I am beginning to listen to more and more (it’s screaming! Ha!) keeps telling me: “Be where you are”.
Next to photography, traveling and contemplating world dominance, my desire to always be somewhere where I am not is really making me pause and investigate my true feelings. How many times do I search for that perfect loft space in that perfect city in that perfect country on that perfect continent?


I’ve had to rethink some things and realize that there is no perfect place, just perfect circumstances that will enable me to thrive no matter where I am. When I am in Paris, I should just be in Paris, and focus on Paris, this goes for Seoul, Stockholm (here I come!) wherever I happen to be at the moment.

What’s with me and the idea that someplace else will be better than where I am now?
Ever come across this feeling?

A day at the beach did me some good and the company that I kept that day, the best of the BEST!
This day I was happy and grateful to be where I was.

Happy Life Day to me!

March 25, 2009


 I want to say thank you to God, family and friends, but most of all to LIFE itself! My mother named me well, for I am truly a happy person, happy for the opportunity to see all that is beautiful, to have the people that I have in my life and especially those that have chosen to share their lives with me. It’s been hella tough lately but you know what, this is the life that I CHOSE and not the one that was given me, and that my friends makes all the difference. Champagne anyone? 

Seu Jorge (please get to know this artist!) takes my breath away. He makes me shout and dance! Puts me in a trance! Here he is singing Tive Razão (I was Right) It truly means a lot to me and especially at this very second in my  life. Music has always assured and comforted me in good and not so good times. This song is perfection.

My ears were made to hear his voice! I’ll pretend his serenading me for my birthday and rejoice!

Bisous mes amours!