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Joe Colombo, Elda chair

September 5, 2009


photo of elda chair sketch photographed by Andreas Sutterlin via Designboom

photo of elda chair sketch photographed by Andreas Sutterlin via Designboom

Isn’t wonderful how everyday you have the opportunity to learn something new everyday.
I was in Hongdae last week and had to stop and visit Mr. Kim at the Design Museum. To my luck he was actually in and nothing had actually changed inside my favorite cafe in Seoul, except… There was a new piece of furniture tucked away but coyly on display. I was attracted by the caramel colored leather and the curves, oh the curves!
Joe Colombo was one of Italy’s “most influential furniture product designers”. I will investigate further as I need to take the time to not only shoot interesting design but learn about the designer him or herself. His life was brief, he died at the tender age of 41 but nevertheless made something of his life here. He produced. He made his thoughts and ideas concrete, tangible.
I may be more impressed with his life than with the making of this chair. That’s what it comes down to in the end. The chair, named after his wife, was and still is an unconventional beauty.

Elda Chair sketch found via Designboom


Head Games: The Brothas’

July 8, 2009


All's well that ends well!

All's well that ends well!

Please visit your local barbershop. If you’re lucky like me, you will witness true artistry, feel a sense of community and participate in some good ole’ fashioned flirting. You know the kind that’s innocent with just a dash of mischievousness. That’s how I like it.

A special thanks to Ronnie of Ronnie’s Professional Cutz located on 711 London Street in Portsmouth, VA. 23704
You all made my day!

Never can say goodbye. Michael Jackson returns home.

June 26, 2009


I love this photo of him, so handsome, so beautiful.

I love this photo of him, so handsome, so beautiful.

I cannot believe that Michael Jackson’s life has ended today, but it has and we are left with a legacy of artistry beyond compare. I know that his life lately has resembled some horrible circus but no one has created incredibly awe-inspiring music. I remember standing in front of the television with bated breath, my mother, brother and step father standing in awe in front of the television to watch someone sing, dance, transcend like no other musical artist before! Everyone talked about that performance in school, at the post office, grocery store, EVERYWHERE. I still watch old videos of his and still get chills. He was the ultimate entertainer.

May Michael Jackson finally get the peace he deserves.

Michelle Obama, it’s about TIME.

June 5, 2009


How great she is!

I am constantly in awe and constantly inspired by this incredible and beautiful woman.
I cannot remember when a woman or man with great substance last graced the cover of Time magazine, well any magazine for that matter. We seem to be bombarded by reality tv players and of course the latest goings on of celebrity couples. What a relief it was to see this woman, in such light amidst all the trite and fluffy news of the day.

Have a great weekend. Be inspired to be better than you already are. You never know who is watching you drawing from your creativity and strength.

“It’s about Faith, it’s about Trust!”

June 1, 2009

To tell all that has been going, the highs, the lows, well, we don’t have that much time.
I am sitting here on this quiet Sunday evening mentally and spiritually preparing myself for tomorrow’s exciting event (more on that later) and I am enveloped by the warmth and beauty of one of the most hopeful and uplifting songs ever, sung by Sade.
Wherever I am in the world, I sit quietly somewhere and play this song and think about my brother, my mother, my family and those special friends who have become like family. Just when I was about to give up on someone, I had one more conversation with them. I think that they’re on the mend and now, once again, I am reminded that that nothing can come between us: not depression, not a recession, nothing. “In the middle of the madness, hold on. It’s about faith, it’s about trust.

Thank you, God. Happy Everyday!

P.S. Sade is to release a new album in November!

Feminin et Masculin: Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg

May 20, 2009

willemand charlotte

or as I like to refer to them Charlotte G. and Willem D. So original, right?
I saw Angels and Demons yesterday or rather Angles and Demons (the cinematographer shot everything on a rollercoaster or so it seemed. I now want to go to Rome. Before I head to the Vatican let’s take a second to drop in on Cannes for LE festival and witness her loveliness, Charlotte Gainsbourg.
Personally, I know that I will probably never see this film as I’ve already read about one too many disturbing scenes. Willem Dafoe and Ms. Gainsbourg are the main characters in Lars Von Trier’s new film: Anti-Christ. I will not post the trailer here, you know where to go to see that.
Willem Dafoe, love you, kid. I’ve admired his work since To live and Die in L.A. and Ms. Gainsbourg, well, since forever. The two of them together, what could be better?

Here they are in Cannes.

Ib Geersten, Danes Alive!

May 20, 2009



Everything is connected. Everyone is connected. 

From Miro to Geersten, I’m tapping into something or something is tapping into me. That’s how it is when you are inspired. 

I think that most of the time I choose to be inspired. How about you?

Ib Geersten, considered the father figure of Danish art, recently celebrated his 90th birthday. Thank goodness that he still lives and works in Denmark, making his work known for people like myself: a newcomer.

These particular pieces remind me of Islamic Calligraphy. What do you think?
* Photographs, unknown photographer